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Headteacher's Welcome 

We are very proud of our school and what we have achieved for the young people who attend.  The success is due to our high expectations, a commitment to constantly improve upon what we achieve and our belief that all students are entitled to the best education possible.  Many of our students will continue into the sixth form or other training.  Those who attend our sixth form for two years will progress on to university.  Students attending this school will get the best possible care, support and guidance based on our Respect agenda.  In addition to the success our students achieve in the classroom, as members of a Sports College, they also have the opportunity to excel in sport and other extra-curricular activities.  Be assured, we never rest and constantly strive to improve on what we do at The Priory School. 

Gill Lamb & Neil Miller


The Trust’s values 


The Trust's aims 


The Trust’s learning principles

The core principles provide the framework by which all learners practise the core values.

The trust is governed by the following principles:


  1. Members of the Trust community are respectful, purposeful and successful
  2. Members have a responsibility for developing our young people so that they show good character, are reflective, curious and understand what is right and wrong, and who are able to contribute positively to our community and beyond
  3. Members of the Trust community have a responsibility for developing students so that they demonstrate a range of skills that enable them to take responsibility for their own learning
  4. Members of the Trust community are passionate, determined and committed to continuous improvement
  5. Members of the Trust promote and achieve excellence and insist on the highest standards of behaviour